Seek Thermal Seek Compact XR Extended Range Thermal Imager for Android

Imagine, You have recently  purchased one storied Fancy Bungalow from a Promoter. Now before taking over the house from the concerned Promoter it is your responsibility to examine flooring & walls of each room.    But which way? Very Simple. Just use high quality ” Hand Held Inferred  Thermal Imager” and take pictures of walls/floors. Check, if you find “Blue Colour Streaks ” on some parts of the displayed images. Then you may jump to a conclusion that some parts of walls / floors are “Water Soaked” and vulnerable for the future maintenance.

You can also check any part of  the electrical  circuits ,being loaded  with high power electrical appliances with the help of the aforementioned Thermal  Camera.  By examining Colour Display you can easily spot “High Temperature Zone ” of the concerned electrical network—–Thus it will help you to undertake required maintenance works.  

 This, Seek Thermal Seek Compact XR Extended Range Thermal Imager for Android  is able to take Night Vision snap shot from a distance of 1800 ft. Now some important features have been highlighted below:


Product description

•206 x 156 Thermal Sensor •1,800 ft. Viewable Distance •Narrow, 20° Field of View •Detectable Range of -40° to 626° F •Operates in Total Darkness •Free Mobile App Included

  • Same clarity and resolution as the original Seek Thermal camera, but twice the magnification and a focus-able lens for precise macro thermal imaging.
  • Over 32,000 individual thermal pixels with a range of detecting temperatures from -40C to 300C
  • Prior to Seek Thermal, this type of resolution was only available in cameras costing $3,000 and above
  • Perfect for Hunters, Boaters, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Home Owners, and Electrical Engineers.
  • Works in total darkness, broad daylight, or obscured visibility conditions.


                                                             Price: Rs. 37,999.00    85.00 Delivery charge
  Inclusive of all taxes
                                                                                    EMI starts at    1,807 per month.

This  is  an excellent  portable Thermal Imager and  the respective “Thermal Module” can easily inserted into the usb Port of  the Android Mobile. Also in this connection, “Google Play” software may be helpful for the Installation of the aforementioned “Seek Thermal Seek Compact XR Extended Range Thermal Imager for Android” I had purchased this AWESOME  ITEM THROUGH ””. online and found working very nicely till date.

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