Black & Decker VH-801 800-Watt Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker VH-801

A Name you can Trust

of Black & Decker’s mission. As a brand it constantly strives to sim Over the past century, Black & Decker has become a household name, renowned for high quality and innovative products. Making the job easier has always been at the forefront amplify the world of DIY and create tools and products that make the task quicker and easier to perform. During the last 100 years, Black & Decker has seen many ‘firsts’, bringing power tools and household appliances to the everyday consumer and changing the world of DIY, a tradition that continues to this day.

Black & Decker recognizes the customers desire to keep their home neat and tidy. Hence, Black & Decker has come up with a best cleaning tool for your home. Bid adieu to the conventional ways of cleaning, it’s time to switch to the Black & Decker vacuum cleaners. They are the best in the market in terms of performance, durability and value for money. Black and Decker VH-801 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect cleaning tool for you.

VH-801 is powered by an 800 watt motor which delivers superior and impressive performance. Its see-through wash bowl can be easily removed and cleaned whenever required.

Keep your home clean and free of dust at all times with the Black and Decker VH-801. This Vacuum cleaner features both vacuum and blower functions. Price is very much affordable One ,for, ONLY  Rs.2259.00 In Total.



Weighs Less than 2kg

It has a 900 ml capacity dust bowl to collect the dust while you vacuum. VH-801 weighs less than 2 kg. Its blower function will let you blow out the dust from confined spaces.


VH-801 comes with a crevice nozzle, blow nozzle, extension hose and a shoulder strap which helps you carry the vacuum cleaner anywhere.

Multi Use

VH-801 is ideal for cleaning your bed, sofa, car floor, mattress, carpets, computer keyboard, television and other electrical gadgets at your home and office.

Quick and Thorough Cleaning

VH-801 is a perfect solution for your quick and thorough cleaning requirements.

Power Consumption:  800 WATT         Input Voltage: 220 Volt to 240 Volt   AC/DC

No one should cast any doubt  over the matter of  “QUALITY CONTROL” of any Electrical Machines starting from “Hand Drilling Machines to Other Electrical Items ,as designed and manufactured by the  “Black & Decker”



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